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Red Wine Chocolate BonBons

Red Wine Chocolate BonBons - It’s right about that time of year when I completely give up on dressing for cuteness too many layers! and start grazing ticket prices to Tahiti every few hours.

Red Wine Chocolate BonBons

Nutella Bonbons

These melt-in-your-mouth dark chocolate Nutella Bonbons are perfect for yourself or great for sharing (the recipe makes

Red Wine Chocolate Truffle Recipe!

When I was in Rio de Janeiro I fell in love with Brigadeiros. A Brigadeiro {Bree-gah-day-roo} is a caramel fudge-like truffle. It is a popular candy in Brazil that is served as a dessert and most .

Spike Your Sweets with This No-Bake Baileys Bonbons Recipe

Presenting Boozy No-Bake Baileys Bonbons! Not only are these morsels delicious, but they only require 4 ingredients (plus sprinkles)!

Tasty Snacks

This delicious homemade grown-up version of Fig Newtons calls for adding red wine and anise seeds to the jammy fig filling. The crust gets even more tender the day after baking.

Ooh, I could do with with some homemade strawberry coulis - Creamy Chocolate Box with super easy homemade cherry jelly centre.

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Dark Chocolate Wine Truffles, Oh My Goodness! It's a good time to start collecting holiday recipes! These dark chocolate red wine truffles are perfect for parties.

Caramel Cream Bonbons

This super easy recipe for Caramel Cream Bonbons remind me of old fashioned caramel treats! Mercy, they look so ooy gooy good!