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Not sure why i chose to tell it from that side of "the fence" but at the time it felt right, and still does.

I was working for the Office of the Public Guardian in London, England and got a bit fed up one day with all the red tape that a civil servant had to go through in order to release funds (that was the person it was benefitting's funds) to pay if i recall right for a desperately needed wheelchair... and ended writing this one out pretty much as is during my lunch break.

The constant fight between good and evil sparked a idea for portraying the "good" in a way not normally seen, this was the result.

I found myself commenting on a forum several times after one of my friends and well... this was the result lol....

Sometimes the bickering between the politicians gets on my nerves... as i'm sure it does for the rest of you.

Sometimes it's not good to read the newspapers... they might spark an idea for a poem...

Wanted to write something that would make me smile... and it still does!

Humanity always it seems has asked if it is alone... perhaps one day we shall have our answer.

My 1st published poem back in the day.

After returning from the United Kingdom, having been gone for two years to the day, i wrote this poem, something any person can, one way or another, relate to his or her life.