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What a beauty!

"Did you know all calico cats are female? Because females carry the chimera gene." Actually, as I understand it, all fertile calicos are female; some few males are calico but infertile.


Photo by Johnny Krüger "Mysterious Case of What the Kitty Saw!

Occhi di gatto

Behind Blue Eyes - Just a point of fact - most of these cat eyes are Photoshopped by morons who don't know what color eye goes with what breed etc. Some are very pretty, just not natural. That is so cool!

gato y ardilla

Cat and Squirrel are best friends! Background: The cat owners looked after the squirrel when it was a baby and injured. The two became friends and after the squirrel's release.

❝je t'aime❞

Supposedly all-white cats with blue eyes are deaf. Hopefully this pretty one beat the genetics. I have a white cate with a blue eye & a gold eye . she did beat the genetics!