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#Chian Tsun Hsiung, #China - Bikes and Boats in Summer - Bussines and Marketing: I´m looking forward for a new opportunity about my degrees dinamitamortales@

Alain Delon with Rangefinder. Added by [ mandy lee ] LADY AND PUPS Via jhacciry. #Fotografía #Photography #AlainDelon

zasu: Guilin, China?  We’ve had the pleasure of witnessing this beautiful peaceful sight.

“Flamingoscape - Flamingos in their world” by Kiran Sham) - so pretty!!! i'd love this on a wall in my house one day!

In this photo, the only sources of light is the sun streaming through the windows. This creates almost an eerie tone for the picture, which is amplified by the fact that the room is seemingly empty EXTERIOR SE CUELA Y SIGNIFICA EL ADENTRO



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asthmas: Navid Baraty, Winter on Coney Island

Fright Night @ the Kennywood Carousel. They played the carousel music backwards <==Frolicking horses can disguise the work of the darkest souls.

Duck herder, Bali #bali #indonesia #thebalibible #welikebali #thebalibird #bestinbali #balilocal #balibucketlist #godislandbali #balibelly #explorebali #balidaily

black-and-white: (by sweet rrramona) Something powerful about this picture. Like the little birds below are like whoa what are you doing man you can't trust humans, but he/she took a leap anyway. Nice.

Mikko Lagerstedt -

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at the gate

Phuktal Monastery in Ladakh, India, during monsoon season.

Self Portrait idea photography-ideas..".bahahahahah my boobs would block out EVERYTHING!!! Lol!!!" Others have the same problems !