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Great white shark and surfer. OMG!!!!!!!!!!! I would surely have a heart attack!!

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What a great post! We just absolutely love animals. Whether it's a dog, cat, bird, horse, fish, or anything else, animals are awesome! Don't you agree? -- courtesy of

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I am not like Sheldon


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That's one bad fish: Real-life Jaws scenario as short-tempered shark circles photographer's boat for two hours


yoda - the cat with four ears - this household pet, named yoda, was born with an extra set of ears.

Starting as an empty white room, Roman Ondak’s Measuring the Universe at Tate St Ives has grown through the contribution of around 90’000 participants to a constellation of black marks. Through the simple action of measuring oneself, Ondak’s work doesn’t just expand on ideas of space and the universal but also the personal, creating a growing living artwork that questions just what a museum is for.

those scars are from fighting other sharks for territory. Sharks are magnificent creatures and should be respected. Beautiful.

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15 Things That Will Make You Say NOPE

I'm having a panic attack after looking at this. NOPE NOPE NOPE. | 15 Things That Will Make You Say NOPE

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Great White Sharks-Amazing Creatures!

Great White Sharks. Amazing creatures

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27 Trippy GIFs That Will Make You Go, "Whoa... That's Crazy"

This person dipping their fingers in liquid sodium acetate trihydrate: | 27 Trippy GIFs That Will Make You Go, "Whoa... That's Crazy"

whale attacks sailboat outside. SA i was in a boat when this happened surrounded by sharks