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    after ten years, my dogs who are smart enough to develop their own toilet paper unrolling game, have not figured out the word "no"

    This is so true, and we have two pugs - twice the noise but more than double the love!

    And mine is only 15 lbs- but insists on sleeping sides ways... That's why he sleeps on the floor now!

    So true. i seriously used to get stuck in my bed when my cat was in this mood lol as soon as one little finger would come out of the covers, she would attack! miss her :(

    If you have a pet that sheds then you need this. At the most people will know that you know you are gross!! At the least it's cute :D Pets need love!!

    love this above the dog bowls. maybe write "pets" instead, gotta include the cat!

    Thank you Marley for always being my happy face - you have seen me through some really rotten times!

    :) I miss my best friend Caseybell. He was such a good listener---except when asked to "come" or "no" hahaha like mother like son. RIP babybell---1 year 23 days--today. The longest year of my life after 17 with my buddy. Love u forever and eternity Casey. We WILL play again! :)

    Doggie Language Artist, animator and dog lover Lili Chin has illustrated Doggie Drawings, a series of cute dog-related posters and commissioned portraits created as a fundraiser for Boston Buddies terrier rescue. Many feature her own cute pup, Boogie.

    All you need is love...and a dog!

    10 Canine Commandments - As a Veterinary Technician, I simply cannot express how strongly I feel about #10. Be there for your dog as they have always been there for you. The last set of eyes your loyal companion should look into are yours...not mine.