time capsule ornaments.

idea for first christmas ornament!

See this stunning Time Capsule Christmas #Ornament that @bubblynature created with our Shutterfly stickers. Perfect DIY for the kids.

Fill a shadow box w/ornaments.

Craft I want to do after Christmas when ornaments go on sale.....fill up the tree with them next year!

Using a Rubbermaid container to sit your Christmas tree in. This is sooo cute!

DIY Christmas ornaments. I think I'll make one of these with our family picture each year....it would so cute to have on each year and see our family grow!

DIY superhero ornaments

memory ornaments

So darling. LWCD - All You Need Is Love & Christmas Cookies - Print

This is a cool ornament idea! :)

Cinnamon ornaments. Last so long and smell so good!! Been wanting to make more of these for years. Now here's the recipe.

I made these with my sons kindergarten class last year and let them using a sharpie write their name on it then I put the year on. Then they took them home for their parents to remember years from now how their penmanship looked in 2012 to the current time

Tension Rod with ornaments hanging on a window...xmas time

Graduation tassel ornament....I graduated a LONG time ago...so gonna do this!

Do it yourself Ornament

ornament for a year in review

saw off a piece of the Christmas tree each year to make an ornament

yearly hand tracing and creating a felt ornament. pinner: my kids currently look forward to this yearly!

diy ornaments. styrofoam covered in glitter. Brilz! Much less expensive than the big ornaments at the store!