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  • Stephanie Shepherd

    Things Rick Astley Will NEVER Do ~ @Amanda, I will NEVER hear this song again without thinking of you and laughing. :)

  • Jessica Cangiano

    You've just been Pinterest Rick Rolled! :D #quotes #sayings #RickAstley #songs #funny #humour #RickRolled #LOL

  • steben alegiojo

    Hahaha! Me want some Rick Astley! #Funny #LiveLaughLove #funny #humor #smile #laugh #alwaysmakemesmile #fun #justforfun #funonly #smileonly #makemyday

  • Laura Baggett

    Funny stuff!

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There is a reason why I love his career

Exactly. Only we call them otter pops . . . cause they have otters on them.

Sat in the car alone laughing out loud about this yesterday.

I will never, ever hear this song ever again withOUT hearing these lyrics in my head. Who am I to diss a Brie....hahahahaha

Everyone needs an education... Not only for what you learn in class, but for what you learn about yourself and the rest of the world. Getting an education is a huge part of personal growth and this is something I realized in undergrad, but it really hit home in grad school. The more education you get the better! Remember that.

AHAHAHA! Oh my goodness! The Tumblr. community can be pretty weird at times, but sometimes they're just great.

I love Neil Patrick Harris!!!! He is possibly the greatest man EVER!

The best part of having a man around is stealing his clothes.

Business casual again today... I wish they made business casual cargo pants, lol!