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Spice Cupboard Organization: The SpiceStack

It is best to store spices away from light and heat, but often that means they are somewhere, well, dark. If you don't have a drawer for your spices, then they are probably in a cupboard or pantry, and if you are anything like us, that means that bottles are always getting lost in the back. So we li...
  • Heather Dahlke

    Compact 18-Bottle Spice Organizer Rack, Spice Racks

  • Laura -

    Compact 18-Bottle Spice Organizer Rack #kitchen #spices #spicerack #storage #organization #storagesolutions #cooking #baking

  • Cait Lowe

    18 bottle spice stack

  • Michelle Deskins

    Original SpiceStack 18Bottle Organizer for Cabinet Target

  • Graeme Teague

    Turn a jumbled mess into organized success with SpiceStack®! The Original SpiceStack holds 18 full-size or 36 half-size spice bottles neatly in your kitchen cabinet. (Spices are not included). This clever spice organizer features three drawers that pull straight out and lower to resting position to display spice bottle labels at eye-level, so you can easily find and reach all your spices in a snap. The SpiceStack also keeps spice bottles in a dark

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Use a mop holder to store spices on the inside of a cabinet door. Genius! by louise

Solution 2: Look into an herb rack like this one, which attaches to the back of the cabinet door. Just be sure it will clear the edges of the shelves when the door is closed.

pantry. spices in the door. I think building a four sided storage system like this on wheels would be great. But people with small children would need to use the lower half for cookbooks or something else. Maybe even just have a few shelves on the bottom for "their pots and pans" to bang.

Ikea spice rack. $3.99 each. Duh! Why did I not think of this? perfect for my bathroom counter as it is covered in my hair product right now

I would love to have a spice rack this full and organized!

Saturday DIY project - Organize your #spice #rack! Love the idea of putting them in a drawer where you can see them all! Great DIY gift for mom too!

magnetic spice organizing... use inside a cupboard to preserve spices/herbs from light/heat