Memorial Day Recipe Round Up

America The Beautiful May she turn back to God.

One nation under God

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Memorial Day thank you to all who have served. In my family alone: Grandpa Frank Bernard, Uncle Frank (Bud) Bernard, Eric Allum, Stanley Joswiak and hubby Joseph. Joswiak

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Veteran's Day

Patrick DeSantis God Bless America and each and every soldier!

God Bless the USA:

The land of the FREE, because of the BRAVE!

For you Sir. And for all those men and women who fought and died to protect our country and for those who fought and lived- your sacrifice is just as great. Thank You!

memorial day

Thanks to our military for protecting our land!!

We don't know them all... but we owe them all! THANK YOU! Happy Memorial Day!

God Bless America... In God We Trust

Memorial Day