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  • Kelsey Tyson

    Cute idea for a cheer up gift

  • Callie Shawnte

    Going away gift. But have a cute love note that has to do with each candy.... Like "my heart SKITTLES a beat whenever we kiss" or something

  • Karen Fashant

    7 Days of Love. Such a sweet gift idea! Cute idea for the kids.

  • P. P.

    Seven Days of Love! The three things needed: 1. A standard Monday-Sunday pill box, 2. Candies such as M, Lemonheads, gum, etc., 3. Seven tiny notes (the site has printable ones that contain love quotes, messages, and a few even allow you to write personal love notes). Such a sweet gift idea! For a spouse or anyone really! Could also send with the hubby when going away on work-related trips, to open a surprise each day.

  • Melissa Taylor

    Cute encouragement gift for someone that is going through a rough time. Fill up a pill box from the dollar store with little treats. They don't have to be candy, it can be healthy dried fruit and nuts. Include an encouraging note for each day. I'm trying to think of something that's not too girly to give to the brothers... Maybe this will work??

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DIY Bad Day Box - this is so adorable! "For a day when you're sad, or when I've made you mad... When you need a little more, and I'm being such a bore! This box will be there, so, please, don't despair... Because, my love, it's true, I really do love you!"

This is such a cute and sweet gift idea. Could be used for someone who is sick or sad or just because. Use a pill organizer and put a little note/thoughtful quote and a few pieces of candy in the box for each day of the week. (I'd probably eat the whole week at once!)

Do you know how your spouse prefers to be loved? You will by the end of the week with our FREE 7 Days of Love Program! Here's a sneak peek at everything you'll get delivered to your inbox...

Going Away Gift Key Chain, rounded aluminum dog tag, antique copper split ring, customize this with your own quote. $22.95, via Etsy.

Going away gift - we say way to many goodbyes in the Marine Corps!

Did it! Made one for an Activity Day girl who recently moved away. I had all the girls sign the balloon. They loved it, and the little girl loved it, and appreciated being remembered. Also, cute idea to send to grandmas from wee ones, or cousins for b-days.

I would attach one or more of these to the door sill or beside the mailbox to leave notes or outgoing mail. Cute and different idea for re-purposing forks. Or, glue on magnets and stick some on the refrigerator for reminders and/or photos.

Cute idea for a little finals week pickmeup

Mailbox stuffers to encourage residents during finals week or midterms or just whenever! I need to do this for my floor.

Graduation Gift for "going away" college girl that I assembled.