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French Needlework

lovely pin cushion

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Fabric covered English Rose thimble holder!! (via The Old Sewing Room / English Rose, The Thimble Holder)

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bee hive pin cushion ~ LOVE THIS!

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pink roses pin cushion

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pin cushion

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Pintandoebordando Blogspot

Heart Bloom

Charming Wedding

Jardim Bordado: Coração Vagabundo

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Candlestick Repurposed

DIY Upcycled Mushroom Pincushion (Use Red & White Polka Dot Fabric for Adorable Toadstool Pincushions)

Etsyfrom Etsy

RESERVED for EVIE - French Knots Embroidered Color Progression Hoop in Teal - 4 inch Hoop Fiber Wall Art

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Pretty idea for purse - Love the combination of ribbon embroidery with sweet vintage image and lovely lace trims! :)

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Cotton Lace


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.Little Pin Pillows: For inspiration only - no directions.

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great pin cushion!!

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"Pin" cushions from thread spools. Love the idea. Have to make some for my sewing room.

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beauiful either as a Pin cushion/or a larger Cushion, great colours too :)

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French knots pin cushions.

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pin cushion?

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pin cushions

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pin cushion patchwork style