It's my new mission to work "titty scale" into a conversation.

Sent to my friends, changed it to: #1 reason u are my friend, you make me laugh so hard no noise comes out, so I sit there clapping like a retarded seal. They loved it!

I feel this way quite often actually.

still laughing

Some scenarios if your dogs can text you

OMG!! This is hilarious!

The next person to leave me alone with their phone is doomed.

Damn! I did this parenting thing all wrong.

auto correct fail - | - Auto Correct Text Fails


Party time.

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Autocorrect fail!

Ahahaha. That's so horrible! But funny, don't get me wrong

damn autocorrect

LOL, I will never look at it the same!

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I'm Comin' Home: | 26 Texts You Need To See Before You Die. Hahaha!! This is why you use correct grammar!!

hahahahaahaha!! That's hilarious!!