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Frog Symbolism - Frog spirit animal is the surprisingly timeless and quintessential totem symbol for prosperity, spiritual cleansing is yet another mystical gift

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Cute Yellow Dot Frog. What? There surely aren't any words which quite capture this amount of cuteness. ❤️

Queen of green...these little gals are all over FL. Really fun when they're in the watering can and jump out when you pick it up! Used to freak me out!

Vietnamese Mossy Frog, or Tonkin Bug-eyed Frog is found in Northern Vietnam and possibly China. Its natural habitats are subtropical or tropical moist lowland forests, subtropical or tropical moist montane forests, freshwater marshes, intermittent freshwater marshes, and rocky areas. It is a semi-aquatic, semi-arboreal species. The females will grow larger than the males and can reach sizes of 7–8 cm. This species will curl into a ball when frightened, and play dead. It is insectivorous.

Espécie de sapo da árvore do gênero Oreophryne protegendo seus ovos. Ao invés de colocar centenas de ovos pequenos e deixá-los à própria sorte na água, eles produzem um punhado de ovos muito grandes que ficam presos a folhas de florestas bem úmidas e cuidam deles até que estejam prontos para eclodir. Diário de Biologia.

"Hey, Bubble! This is MY favorite lily pad. You have to get off and go somewhere else." ~ the Frog

Transparency is a trait shared by all living glass frogs. In some species though, such as the Condor Glass Frog (Centrolene condor), the ventral peritoneum is white anteriorly, obscuring thus the heart and liver.