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10 Reasons Why Simple Boyfriends Are the Best

When a guy cherishes you in simple and amazing ways, perhaps he is the boyfriend you have always needed all along. Simple boyfriends can be the best

This internet connected device is one big red button you’re actually allowed to push!

This internet connected device is one big red button you're actually allowed to push!?ref=pinp nn You know those big red buttons you always see in movies that are usually labeled, “do not push!” Well, this is not one of those buttons. This is a button that you can and should push because when you do, magic happens. It’s a simple concept, but it’s also one of the most...

The Happiest Young People Live in These Countries

Happiness of youth determines peace and prosperity of a country.

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Look beyond the obvious to experience true car-free living benefits, without selling your car!

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Colbie Caillat is sick of the way women are being treated in society.

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