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    14 mile long "THING" buried in Antarctica? - how to find using Google Earth

    • Yvette Bergeron

      14 mile long "THING" buried in Antarctica? - how to find using Google Earth

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    Did giants once roam the earth? Most people are absolutely astounded to learn that, yes, there is a tremendous amount of evidence that giants once existed on this planet. Sadly, most of this evidence has been suppressed by the "scientific community" because it does not fit in with the evolutionary narrative that we are all supposed to believe. Any evidence that emerges that threatens the theory of evolution (especially if it supports the Bible) is rapidly "reinterpreted" or hushed up.

    Shocking Official Documents Confirm Aliens Living On Earth? (Video And Photos) | Beyond Science

    STAR GATES: EGYPT-THOUSANDS YEARS OLD Medallion found have elongated skulls, as found in Paracas. Ar these "HUMAN" or other residents of the earth??One theory claims a possible space craft is at the top to represent they rule /leadership over the Egyp area in ancient times. WHAT DO YOU SEE?? WHAT DO YOU THINK??

    Very interesting that the Easter Island head statues have bodies buried underground that was dug up recently. This adds much more intrigue to the mystery of their origin.

    Elongated skulls found in Bolivia, sketched as they would have looked in real life.

    Explorers spent twelve hours in the buried city and resurfaced only after the oil in their lamps burned low. “No end to the wonders of the discovery was reached,” the article stated. “A further extended search will be made in a day or two.” No record of the extended search could be found.

    The Oregon Vortex (Though it's only 100 feet in diameter, the Oregon Vortex is apparently very scary. Animals refuse to enter it, and people who go inside report seeing very strange things.)

    A team of physicists detected an energy beam coming through the top of the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun. The radius of the beam is 4.5 meters with a frequency of 28 kHz. The beam is continuous and its strength grows as it moves up and away from the pyramid. This phenomenon contradicts the known laws of physics and technology. This is the first proof of non-herzian technology on the Planet. It seems that the pyramid-builders created a perpetual motion machine a long time ago.

    Twitter / digiphile: First Neanderthal skull ever ...

    In 1938 archaeologists discovered several graves while exploring a cave system in the Himalayas. There were several rows of graves all containing the remains of humans or humanoids. There is controversy whether these corpses are humans or not because they are about four feet in height with long arms and legs in relation to their body. The heads of these creatures are also overly large. The archaeologists first thought this was an ape graveyard. But then again apes do not bury their dead.