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Secrets Of The Watchers, Anunnaki And The New (Reptilian) World Order - Sumeria: The Cradle (Or Test Tube) of Civilization - the Sumerian Annunaki (beings that came to Earth from the sky) were the same as the Hebraic Nephilim (those cast down to Earth ie fallen angels) - Islam says they were djinn, not angels ***** excellent

All have wings: all are wearing bracelets w/a disc: all are carrying a pouch w/handle in one hand, & thrusting a pine cone forward w/the other. Note the mechanical looking musculature, the tassels, the fringed robes, the cigar shaped implements tucked into their sashes

Nephilim Chronicles: Giant Human Skeletons: Giant Skeletons Found at Ohios Serpent Mound, these giants are the offspring of the fallen angels and human woman from genesis 6 in the Bible. Description from I searched for this on

I can recommend this book. No I am not getting any commission or anything else. The author sent me the book to get my opinion on it and I like it a lot. It is filled with documented facts about UFOs and their involvement in wars over the years. Very interesting and a great source for anyone interested in this area. UFOs in Wartime: What They Didn't Want You To Know by Mack Maloney,

Former Military Officer Says Government Authorities Have Knowledge Of UFOs & Aliens | <b><i><a href="">Educating Humanity</a></i></b>