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The race of giants, according to Native American tales, recovered skeletons, and ancient tools, towered far above average humans. The men were as tall as 10 to 12 feet and many of the women reached nine feet or taller.

  • Dave Condit

    Nonsense. Granite forms and cools miles underground. This is clearly a hoax.

Elongated skulls found in Bolivia, sketched as they would have looked in real life.

Explorers spent twelve hours in the buried city and resurfaced only after the oil in their lamps burned low. “No end to the wonders of the discovery was reached,” the article stated. “A further extended search will be made in a day or two.” No record of the extended search could be found.

  • Chris Daugherty

    Oh what a huge lie. The papers use to print anything to sell newspapers.

The Oregon Vortex (Though it's only 100 feet in diameter, the Oregon Vortex is apparently very scary. Animals refuse to enter it, and people who go inside report seeing very strange things.)

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Skull of "the people of the red deer cave", the youngest known prehistoric population who do not look like modern humans (fossils dated between 14,500 and 11,500 years old), unearthed in some caves in the Guangxi Zhuang region of China.

  • Marcello Piras

    It is not yet clear the classification of these hominids who show a mix of modern and archaic features. Until the reconstruction of the DNA sequence. it can't be said if it is a case of regressive adaptation in a isolated population, the result of a interbreeding between modern humans and Denisovans or a separate species of hominids.

The world's tallest man, Sultan Kosen (8 ft 1 in), and the shortest man in the world, He Pingping (2 ft 5 in)


Twitter / digiphile: First Neanderthal skull ever ...

In a series of caves near Tibet there lies some strange and mysterious artifacts among the graves of creatures belonging to the humanoid race, the Dropa. Many feel these artifacts tell a tale of what some believe is aliens crashing in the Himalayas and then dying.

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