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    Kiss your mouse and keyboard goodbye - Control your computer with the Leap motion sensor. - I am totally looking forward to this in the gamingsphere ►►►Want To See More Cool Tech Stuff? ►►► Follow 3BakersIT on Facebook:

  • martha Rodriguez

    Kiss your mouse and keyboard goodbye [ ] #new #avionics #technology

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The ability to manipulate digital objects like clay was the inspiration for making The Leap. It's tech straight out of Minority Report.

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Well my personal gaming experience is about to jump to a whole new level! Click through to see a demonstration! The KeyMouse™ is a keyboard and a mouse. It allows users to operate the mouse without moving their hands out of typing position. No more moving your hand back and forth between the keyboard and mouse. It’s designed for efficiency, comfort, and ergonomics. www.gonnawannaget...

hi-tech..wonder how our hi-tech will look to people in 30 years. Probably even more jarring.

Now if the buttons actually depressed, that would be something... but I still want it!

Clip mouse for on the go! Love this, even if I am a developer who is learning not to use the mouse.

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