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Top Pins of 2013
Top Pins of 2013 • 1 year ago

Rare vintage photograph of an onna-bugeisha, one of the female warriors of the upper social classes in feudal Japan

  • Sherlene
    Sherlene • 1 year ago

    My father in law's father was, also, reportedly Samurai. It was said that he left Japan in the late 1800s because Samurai had their land and status taken from them. Whether that is true I have been unable to confirm. He did have a wife and son in Japan. I don't know if his wife died and family kept the son, but his first son did move to California as an adult. By the time he found his half sibling he was elderly. I met him in the 1970s on his first visit to us. He did not speak very good English and bowed repeatedly. He was a sweet man and I wish that I could fine his family.

  • Sherlene
    Sherlene • 1 year ago

    We do have a photograph, by the way, of Junochiti Matsushita in Samurai armor. I understand that offspring of Samurai had studio portraits taken in such. However, it was also popular for anyone to do so. Much like dressing as a cowboy or any other romanticized character in this country.

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    The design is really old, now if wearing, people will be laughing.

  • Janelle Meeks
    Janelle Meeks • 1 year ago

    she looks fierce.

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  • Marvette Carroll

    I believe this woman will hurt you After she said No! Otherwise I'm sure she's quite loving.

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