The Real Django: This is the actual man on which the movie Django Unchained is loosely based

He was the inspiration for the 2012 film "Django Unchained". He wore a black hat and carried twin .45 Colt Peacemakers. During his 32 year career as Deputy Marshal of the Oklahoma Territory, he was single-handedly responsible for capturing over 3,000 outlaws, once bringing in 17 men at one time. And in that period of time, never once did a bullet touch him. Read the story of Bass Reeves, THE REAL DJANGO, in my blog!

Henry T. Sampson | Inventor of the Cellular Phone | #Morehouse Man |

Slave Ship. Amazing to see a real photo. So chilling. A part of history we are told to "get over".

Richard Theodore Greener was the first black man to graduate from Harvard 1870

Private Cathay Williams was the only woman to serve in the US Army as a Buffalo Soldier. On November 15, 1866 she enlisted in the Army as a man. Williams reversed her name William Cathay and lived as a male soldier and served until she was found out due to the last of many illnesses she suffered while a serving. She is the only documented black woman known to have served in the Army during these times when enlisting women was prohibited


Vivien T. Thomas. In 1944, Hopkins' surgery chief, Alfred Blalock, successfully operated on the heart of a 9-pound child, a "blue baby." Medical experts believed cardiac surgery was impossible. As Blalock prepared to make his historic incision, he looked around the operating room and asked, "Where's Vivien?" Blalock would not begin until Thomas, stationed on a stool behind his right shoulder, was there to guide Blalock through procedures. Prejudice long kept Thomas' crucial role ... @Rexi44

People who don't read history books are unaware that a huge number of "cowboys" driving herds to the railheads in Kansas were Indians. And many don't know that some of "Indians" who raided the drives for beef in the the "nations" were runaway slaves and ex-slaves adopted into the tribes in the Oklahoma territory. Western movies don't tell you that.

Tuskegee Airmen-- Members of the 332nd Fighter Group attending a briefing in Ramitelli, Italy, 1945.

"Joseph Laroche and Juliette Lafargue were an intershade couple aboard the Titanic. As the ship sank, Joseph stuffed his coat with money & jewelry, took his pregnant wife and children to the deck and managed to get them into a lifeboat. He gave the coat to his wife, and said: “Here, take this, you are going to need it. I’ll get another boat. God be with you. I’ll see you in New York.” Joseph died in the sinking. He was the only victim of African Descent on the Titanic."

Caspar the Black King of Germany (Moorish Man)

A testament to a dark part of American history. A 150-year-old photo found in a North Carolina attic shows a young black child named John, barefoot and wearing ragged clothes. Art historians believe it's an extremely rare Civil War-era photograph of children who were either slaves at the time or recently emancipated. It was accompanied by a document detailing the sale of John for $1,150.

Anthony Johnson, a free Black Man (who was probably one of the first twenty settlers), received a grant for 250 acres of land in Northampton County, Va (July 24, 1681). Mr. Johnson established a settlement on the banks of the Pungo Teague River (for the purpose of building a Tobacco Farm). Mr Johnson (IRONICALLY) is on record as the first person to legally own a Black Slave.

Though Thomas Edison is recognized as the inventor of the light bulb, African-American inventor Lewis Latimer played an important role in its development. In 1881, Latimer patented a method for making carbon filaments, allowing light bulbs to burn for hours instead of minutes. Latimer also drafted the drawings that helped Alexander Graham Bell receive a patent for the telephone.

Here is a short version of the real story of the Von Trapp Family

Jack “Jackie” Robinson (1919-1972) 2nd Lt. Tank Cmdr, USA, 1942-44 WW II. Drafted as private. Applied for OCS and commissioned. Assigned 761st Black Panthers Tank Bn. In 1944 an Army bus driver ordered him to sit “at the back of the bus” and he refused. MP's arrested him. He was falsely accused of drunkenness (he did not drink), was court-martialed and though acquitted it ended his military career. He saw no action during WW II. 2nd Base. Brooklyn Dodgers 47-56. Baseball Hall of Fame 1962.

These are actual tiny child handcuffs used by the U.S. government to restrain captured Native American children and drag them away from their families to send them to the Indian boarding schools where their identities, cultures and their rights to speak their Native languages were forcefully stripped away from them.

Confederate General Thomas Jonathan "Stonewall" Jackson was a Confederate general during the American Civil War, and one of the best-known Confederate commanders after General Robert E. Lee

A rare shot of Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid with their gang. The saloon hangout of The Wild Bunch in 1889. Circled are Harry Longbaugh (The Sundance Kid) and the man sitting on the chair beside him is Butch Cassidy.

Child soldier in World War II.