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Holy hair, biceps, tats, nose, jaw, cheeks, lips!

" Are you comfyy enough broo " louis. william. tomlinson. how dare you do this to me. ive died and gone to heaven.

HARRY I STRIPES AFFSDAKJ;SDKF;JFSDA;LKJK;DJFA 911 whats your emergency? "Harry Styles"

i think his hair swoops were styled by angels. genius angels. angels that are out to get our ovaries. just saying.

Louis Tomlinson with his hair dyed red for Red Nose Day. He is so generous and caring....All of them are

I'm sorry but the directioners should be new police like how much stuff do we hack into about 1d : new songs younger pics Private life information , it just makes sense

Louis ♥<<22 reasons why I love you 1.your a total softie for kids,2. you are beautiful, saved my life , didn't change, SOML you stayed true to who you are6. in SOML you made me cry 7. you have the voice of an angel, 8. I have eaten so many carrots,9.elounor is the cutest thing I've ever seen10. I love the fray as well,

XFactor tonight at 7 the boys perform. When I went to record it the times were only at 8, which is it?

He's so cute no wonder I have a crush on him and niall Cat I highly doubt I'd look perfect but thanks love @ɱąɖɖıɛ ɖɛცąųŋ hah yeah crazy right Celeste Mondragon thanks :)

Niall Horan.. Aww he looks so cute in his little suit!!= )