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    GrowersBox.com: Flowers: 3,000 Freeze Dried Rose Petals Mixed Flower Blend: Rose Petals $80

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    Box of 3,000 Freeze Dried Petals || Mixed Flower Petal Blend || Freeze Dried Petals and Wedding Flowers at Wholesale Prices

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    When bouquets and arrangements of wedding flowers don't quite cut it, add rose petals! Freeze dried rose petals have grown in popularity over the past 5 years largely due to their longevity and ease of care. Available in many different colors, these rose petals are affordable and easy decorations for weddings and events alike! Visit GrowersBox.com for more information.

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This aisle is gorgeous with rose petals and soft candlelight. Rose petals and petal blends look lovely to decorate aisles, tabletops, and other places around the venue! Shop rose petals (fresh and freeze dried) year-round at GrowersBox.com.

This DIY centerpiece is a great example of rustic charm. Carnations and Baby's Breath are affordable, hardy, and look beautiful together! Shop Carnations and Baby's Breath year-round at GrowersBox.com!

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Mini Calla Lilies are a beautiful choice for centerpieces - this arrangement is a great example of simple elegance. Mini Calla Lilies come in a variety of beautiful colors year-round and look stunning in bouquets, centerpieces, and other wedding flowers! Shop now at GrowersBox.com!

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