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    Carnations are excellent, affordable wedding flowers which can be easily incorporated into bouquets, arrangements, boutonnieres and corsages. Carnations can also be used to create elegant topiaries as well as 'kissing balls'. Visit to learn more.

    • The Grower's Box

      Wholesale Carnations in bulk are the best way to decorate for weddings and events! Whether you are creating kissing balls, topiaries, leis or garlands, wholesale Carnations from The Grower's Box are sure to please! Perfect for DIY wedding flowers, these carnations are shipped from flower farms in Colombia and Ecuador directly to your door! Visit for more details.

    • The Grower's Box

      Carnations are one of the most versatile and affordable flowers in the floral industry. Carnations can be found adorning bouquets and arrangements of wedding flowers as well as boutonnieres, corsages, kissing balls, topiaries and garlands. Spruce up your next wedding or event venue by adding a dash of carnations to the mix! Visit for more information on wholesale carnations.

    • The Grower's Box

      Carnations are excellent, affordable wedding flowers which can be easily incorporated into bouquets, arrangements, boutonnieres and corsages. Carnations can also be used to create elegant topiaries as well as 'kissing balls'. Visit to learn more.

    • The Grower's Box

      As far as fundraising with flowers go, Carnations are the most popular flowers on the market! Bulk Carnations are affordable, easy to care for, very hardy and leave plenty of room for profit! Visit for prices on wholesale Carnations and other flowers for fundraising.

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      Standard Grade Carnations - 200 stems - $119. 60cents per stem. higher grades of carnations cost more - have longer stems and larger blooms

    • The Grower's Box

      Wholesale Carnations are fantastic flowers for weddings and events. Bulk Carnations are widely used as flowers for fundraisers - especially as flowers for fundraisers for Mother's Day and Valentine's Day. Hosting a giveaway for your business? Carnations are affordable, hardy and long-lasting flowers that will leave a lasting impression on your customers. For more information on wholesale flowers, visit

    • The Grower's Box

      Carnations have long-been a very popular flower in the floral industry. Their popularity carries over to the wedding flower industry as well - due largely in part to their fun colors, petal structure and versatility as a flower. Carnations are frequently used in wedding flower arrangements - specifically topiaries, kissing balls and boutonnieres and corsages. Consider Carnations for your next wedding or event! See more wedding flowers at!

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      Wholesale Flowers and Wedding Flowers in Bulk | The Grower's Box | Online Wholesale Flowers

    • Catherine Newell Flowers: Standard Grade Carnations 200 Stems: Wholesale Flowers

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    If you love the look of ombre but are on a budget - consider carnations! These ruffly bloomed flowers are hardy, affordable, and come in a variety of colors to achieve the ombre look. Shop carnations and other affordable wedding and wholesale flowers at!

    'Kissing Balls' make for beautiful additions to bouquets and arrangements of wedding flowers. Pick a neutral color flower and add the ribbon to match your colors! Carnations, sunflowers and poms are popular flowers used to make 'kissing balls'.

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    When we were kids, every year Mom would take us to the Mother & Daughter banquet at our church. Each year she would give us a carnation corsage to wear to the event. I would sit and smell the corsage all night. To this day, carnations are my favorite flower. Thanks Mom!!!

    Christa Rose put a spin on the carnation… a poor flower that gets a bad reputation… by mixing various shades with craspedia. She even spray-painted the white carnations gold which looked really awesome! I loved the look of the carnation clusters in the more modern IKEA vases.

    Order bulk Carnations at low wholesale prices from The Grower's Box. Carnations are an affordable flower which are frequently used to create topiaries and other popular arrangements of wedding flowers. Wholesale Carnations are available year-round in a wide variety of different colors. Shop online at

    Bridal shower flower arrangement. Mason jars with pinkish-orange carnations and roses.

    What an incredible idea! These carnations looks stunning suspended from the ceiling! Carnations are hardy, affordable, and available in a variety of colors year-round at!

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    Valentine's Day Carnation Flower Arrangement DIY!

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    Pink Carnations are affordable and flexible flowers which can be used in bouquets and arrangements of wholesale wedding flowers of all shapes and sizes. From topiaries to bridal bouquets to centerpieces, Carnations look great are hardy and are VERY easy to work with!

    Wedding Flower Combo Pack 200 Roses and 300 Carnations - $499.99

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    This is a great example of layering colors and textures. The red roses, pink carnations, and burlap accents come together for a fun, unique bouquet. Roses and carnations are available year-round and in a variety of eye-catching colors at!

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