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We are ready for Valentine's Day... are you? Shop for exceptional deals on bulk flowers for fundraisers. Fundraising with flowers is an excellent way to raise money for your school, church or other organization.

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Increase your ROI when you use fresh cut flowers for fundraisers! Fundraising with flowers is not difficult and generates great returns - especially for Valentine's Day and Mother's Day! Carnations are by far the most popular flower for fundraisers and can be bought in bulk at low wholesale prices. Shop for bulk Carnations and other popular flowers for fundraisers.

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Fundraising with flowers has become a VERY popular and successful way to raise funds for schools, clubs, churches and other organizations. Step out of the ordinary and mundane and have a fundraiser with flowers! Valentine's Day and Mother's Day are the two most popular times of year to host a fundraiser with flowers. Shop online at for bulk flowers at wholesale prices!

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Valentine's Day is a great time to have a fundraiser with flowers! Fundraising with flowers is fun and profitable! Order bulk roses and carnations at wholesale prices from The Grower's Box. Shop now at

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Wholesale flowers are a FANTASTIC item to sell for fundraisers! The two most popular flowers for fundraising include wholesale roses and wholesale carnations. Available in a wide variety of different colors, both of these flowers are available year-round. Roses cost more but also bring in a premium price while carnations are less expensive and sell easily. Shop wholesale flowers and flowers for fundraising online at

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Fundraising with flowers is a great way to generate much needed revenues for schools, churches, clubs and other organizations. Flowers are especially popular for Valentine's Day and Mother's Day. Whether you need just 100 stems to sell to friends and family or 10,000 stems to sell to your entire university, The Grower's Box can help! Visit us online at

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Make the most of your fundraiser and order fresh cut roses from The Grower's Box. Shipped directly to your door at low wholesale prices, these bulk roses are a great way to drive sales at your next fundraiser. Specify colors or look for exceptional deals on packages of assorted color roses. Visit for more information.

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As far as fundraising with flowers go, Carnations are the most popular flowers on the market! Bulk Carnations are affordable, easy to care for, very hardy and leave plenty of room for profit! Visit for prices on wholesale Carnations and other flowers for fundraising.

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Black Magic Roses are sought after by name for their unique black/velvety red coloration. Black Magic Roses are classy flowers and are widely used in fundraising efforts. Selling fresh cut flowers is a great way to generate revenues for clubs, churches, schools and other organizations. Visit for more information on fundraising with flowers.



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While many organizations lean towards roses and carnations as flowers for fundraisers, another popular idea is going with Gerbera Daisies! Gerbera Daisies bought in bulk can cost as little as $1.25 per stem! Their fantastic size and brilliant colors make them very popular flowers - not to mention that they are very recognizable as a 'friendly' flower. Shop online at

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Table decprations? ..I love roses♡ I still remember when my sweetheart suprised me at the airport with a bouquet of roses ♡I love him SO much♡

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