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Fundraisers can be exhausting! Agree? That's why it's important to keep them fun and enjoyable. Here are some ideas for keeping the FUN in and go to

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The order form for the Chocolate Strawberries and Pretzels Fundraiser posted on Our Scoop LDS.

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Here are 10 great fundraising ideas to inspire your next event!

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Raffle boxes for a fundraiser.

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Here are 10 Unusual and Creative Fundraising Ideas that are sure fire ways of having fun and raising great funds. Take a look:

This would be a great fundraiser idea around valentine's day. Students could buy cans of crush for their crush (instead of giving a flower to a boy) and have them delivered to their class with these labels on them.

How to be a fundraising superhero: 7 tips for planning a fundraiser from the ground up | #fundraising