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Rose petals are an excellent addition to bouquets and arrangements of wedding flowers. Rose petals are often used to create an aisle; however, lining the aisle is also VERY attractive!

This is a FANTASTIC blend of rose petals! A brilliant idea for a rose petal aisle!

Rose petal aisle with fabric draped columns topped with floral arrangements.


Rose petals are very versatile decorations. Simple same-color aisle runners are very popular; however, unique designs are not uncommon.

Fresh Rose Petals have vibrant colors and sweet fragrance and are widely used for weddings and events! Rose petals can be used for tossing, to fill a flower girl's basket, to line an aisle and to create intimate bedroom and bathroom settings. Rose petals can also be used by businesses to create a petal trail to a store.


If you are concerned at all about your wedding venue decorations looking sparse, add rose petals! Rose petals are an inexpensive way to really tie together wedding and event decorations. Bulk rose petals can be used to line an aisle, decorate a cake table or create a trail leading to a business event or promotion. Shop wholesale rose petals online at www.GrowersBox.com.

Add a splash of decoration to your wedding or event with fresh rose petals! Rose petals can be used for any number of decorative purposes including lining an aisle, for tossing, filling a flower girl's basket, creating an intimate bedroom or bathroom setting or driving customers or guests to a particular location with a petal trail. Order fresh rose petals for your next wedding or event from The Grower's Box!

Red roses down the aisle #velvetalleyevents

Rose petals make a big impact on wedding decorations. Bold and beautiful colors are in. The rose petals are stunning and it would be hard to picture this wedding venue without them!

Freeze dried rose petals are FANTASTIC decorations for weddings and events as they are affordable and add color and warmth to any venue. Rose petals are inviting and are most often used to line an aisle, as a supplement to table decorations or as petals for tossing. Whatever the occasion, shop rose petals in bulk online at www.GrowersBox.com for exceptional deals and FREE shipping on wholesale rose petals.

Rose petals are a great compliment to wedding flowers and can really spruce up a wedding venue! Even simple white rose petals can make a huge impact on the look and feel of a setting. Rose petals are available in a wide variety of colors year-round from GrowersBox.com.

GrowersBox.com: Flowers: 3,000 Freeze Dried Rose Petals Mixed Pastels: Rose Petals Looking for affordable decorations for your wedding or event venue? Look no further! Check out our section of ROSE PETAL SPECIALS for bargain bulk packages of rose petals from The Grower's Box (www.growersbox.com)!

Bulk rose petals are a great way to add color and life to ANY wedding venue! Beautiful bi-color yellow/orange/red rose petals over an ivory runner really tie this fall wedding together beautifully!

Stunning floral arrangements, pale pink rose petals along the aisle runner and the breathtaking backdrop of our waterfall and sequoias set the perfect scene for this outdoor ceremony. Event design by Exquisite Events, Megan Stark Photography, Tick Tock Florals

Love Large Flower Arrangements www.wisteria-avenue.co.uk

Love Large Flower Arrangements www.wisteria-avenue.co.uk

even with easy access to the flower market, this arrangement is steep...hydrangeas and roses, BEAUTIFUL!

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