What a great idea for a picture of the rings!

Cute pre-wedding photo without breaking tradition!

wedding photography

Plan ahead - take a thank you picture!

I love this pic!

One of the best 'show off the ring' pictures I've ever seen

Wedding bands & Rose. so doing this to go with my beauty and the beast themed wedding lol

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Cutest ring pic. ever.

Grooms nightstand picture...Cute idea!

Tale as old as time. Make your wedding the epitome of romance with a Beauty and the Beast wedding theme

"Beauty and the Beast Wedding" by neverland-ballerina on Polyvore

"Tie the knot" wedding ring shot ... Wedding ideas for brides & grooms, bridesmaids & groomsmen, parents & planners ... itunes.apple.com/... The Gold Wedding Planner iPhone App ?


L-O-V-E. Love spelled out with the fingers is adorable as is, but the kiss is the icing on the cake! Love this black and white wedding photo, too. Wedding photos; wedding photography; wedding photo ideas. #WeddingPhotos #WeddingPhotography