What a neat idea - finish off the bouquet with pins!

The best white bouquet I've ever seen - so neat! This is a composite bouquet- a handmade, white rosette made of vendela roses. It is made of one full rose head and finished with lots of rose petals to give the appearance of a giant, garden style rosette and has an eucalyptus-leaf border."

A Glamelia is a composite bouquet that was pretty popular in the 1940′s and 50′s. It is a floral arrangement that is assembled to resemble a giant flower.

Corsage groom adapted to the bridal bouquet

casual wrist corsage

Love the beads as the base of the corsage!


I'll be glad I pinned this later on.



Winter Bouquet

Calla Lily Wrist Corsage Idea

Beautiful bridal belt + bouquet

finish with a button instead


Pink peony bouquet

Gorgeous bouquet.

Calla Lilies are simple elegance, and this bouquet looks dazzling with the extra added sparkle. A brooch or pin is a great way to add something uniquely you! Shop Calla Lilies year-round at GrowersBox.com!

Fall bouquet

Wedding Bouquet

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