What a great idea for Halloween! Orange Asiatic Lilies pair perfectly with Eryngium for a spooky spider look! Shop Asiatic Lilies and Eryngium year-round at GrowersBox.com!

Have fun with spooky accents to make roses fitting for Halloween! Shop roses year-round in a variety of colors at GrowersBox.com!

Wholesale flowers are an excellent way to augment your existing holiday decorations! Our special pack of white Asiatic Lilies and red/burgundy Hypericum is perfect for the holidays! Whether you are having friends and family over or simply for your enjoyment, this stunning package of long-lasting wholesale flowers is perfect for any and every occasion!

This is a fun idea for using pumpkins this fall! Hollow out a pumpkin, place a jar, vase, or other container inside with water, place in few stems of flowers (in this case, spider mums), and you have a great DIY centerpiece! Shop spider mums and other beautiful fall flowers at GrowerBox.com.

Make a festive arrangement for your holiday wedding or party with white or cream roses and cranberries! Simply place cut stems of white (or cream) roses into a vase with vibrant red cranberries and voila! A perfect blend of color and texture! Shop roses year-round at GrowersBox.com!

Carnations are hardy, affordable, and come in a variety of colors to go with any event or holiday party! Shop carnations year-round at GrowersBox.com!

A vase with candy canes attached makes for a cheery holiday centerpiece idea! The ruffly red carnations inside look vibrant and inviting - and are affordable and hardy. Shop carnations in a variety of colors year-round at GrowersBox.com!

When decorating this holiday season, consider yellow and red - sunflowers and red roses complement each other and would add a pop of color to any room. Shop sunflowers (large or petite!) and roses year-round at GrowersBox.com!

This beautiful centerpiece of ruffly white hydrangea and vibrant red hypericum berries would be lovely for a holiday party or wedding! Shop hydrangea and hypericum at GrowersBox.com!

More festive ideas! Pine cone place card holders sparkle with glitter! This would be a fun DIY craft - and the place card holders would be beautiful for a holiday party or wedding. Pine cones are typically available for shipping in several varieties at GrowersBox.com from mid-November until shortly before Christmas.