‎"Super Sonic"  by MRi.

epic gloves glowing glowing eyes highres mri sega sonic sonic team sonic the hedgehog super sonic

Dark Spine Sonic

Dark Spine Sonic

Fancy Party Shenanigans 7 by E-vay on DeviantArt

What did just happened

Trolling Monkey by on @deviantART - Wukong Annie Brand Tibbers

Awww pore Annie :( and fucking Wukong -.

Father And Son Relationship Lvl: Dragon Ball Z (Yup, It's Over 9000)

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Unfortunately, it's overshadowed by all this UNYIELDING RAGE! The "Perfect" Guy - Dragon Ball Z Abridged

Amy, get some glasses. Please. XD

Sure, you think every handsome hedgehog is Sonic. Then you get to scary/ugly Sonic and you have no clue who that is.


A look at the evolution of Sonic The Hedgehog. How the animated mascot and logo design has changed for SEGA's enduring game over the past 25 years.

10 Things I Learned from Dragon Ball Z

10 Things I Learned from Dragon Ball Z

Ten things that I as a person learned from DBZ

shadow monster                                                       …

Shadow, Sonic the Hedgehog

League Randoms 28/?

League Randoms League Randoms 28 "I just made this post so I could post that first one" edition join list:. >Lucian >Dark type my sides are gone lol league League of Legend random

Malley Hastur

Birdlon by RuneScratch on DeviantArt

Naruto vs Goku. Holy won haven't more strength and another lever up  Add Sophie Edwards

So chola fãs de Naruto kkk

Neon Genesis Evangelion- Yes! This was me while watching that... I'm glad I'm not the only one.

What am I Watching? the answer : Neon Genesis Evangelion, well I watch it and respond the exact thing too :P

How to train your dragon - 3

League of legends fan comics, How to train your Dragon - 4 prev part: next part :

Bem-vindo ao Brasil.

Bem-vindo ao Brasil.

Red Vs Blue e-0

Red vs Blue epic battle with a killer ending!