Legs! Legs! Legs!! (and biceps too...of course)

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so everyone is part of the crew and everyone have other things to do.

Swim tank - my friends know me well because I am a competitive swimmer. I have no life. #swimming #tshirt

Rowing off into the distance #rowing

Crew rowing funny

Couldn't agree more. Love hate relationship there, if ever was.



Watching a crew race. Rowing is such a graceful sport when everything is in sync.

Great insight into the role of the coxswain!

They see me rowin.' They hatin.'

These are the different kinds of sculls and sweep boats. I race in the scull 2x, scull 4x and 8+ sweep. Too much fun!

Always love the hill of oars at Head of the Hooch in TN. Brings back memories..:)

ALL of my conversations involve something about rowing! Seriously!

Rowing (crew) problems

And that throwing the smallest person on your team into a freezing river by way of a victory celebration is perfectly normal. | 18 Secrets Rowers Will Never Tell You

Sit the boat, i hate when rowing in bow/stern oairs/4s in an 8 and the people resting get lazy and don't keep the boat set so you keep catching crabs and you can't row.

My favorite rowing videos for motivation, technique, and overall awesomeness… | Ready all, row...

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Coxing Hacks: Water Bottle Tool Kit - row2k columns