Hahahahaha!!! Supernatural has all the references even about themselves, but that's funny that another show made a reference to them

When supernatural references supernatural. Psych is so funny haha :D

When Supernatural ends forever, somewhere in the background in the finale, there should be a news report about Carver Edlund's cult book series is being turned into a TV series <--- oh my, I think I would die!

I guess it's funnier when you actually watch supernatural

That’s OK Castiel, at least you tried…

Castiel and Dean ~ Supernatural Fan Art Lmao! omg i laughed to hard at this,I can so see Cas saying that

Learn to write in Enochian. <--- I'm a little concerned that the tag in that first pic is "WhoLock" rather than "SuperWhoLock" because this is SPN related...

Now I can finally graffiti walls with the correct spelling of "You breed with the mouth of a goat"! Knowing how to write in Enochian = Life complete


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16 things you didn't know-Supernatural: Eric Kripke's first version of the Supernatural pilot script ended with the Winchester brothers finding their Dad. He was dead on the ceiling!

J to J: So Fast by KamiDiox on deviantART

~Hey Gorgeous~ J to J: So Fast by KamiDiox He knows JJ will be able to take care of herself.

That cat is doing a perfect impretuon of Crowly's mind

Bloody hell is funny because he is the king of hell and if he gets shot then there properly will be lots of blood in hell

superwholock I like this except that Dean is actually taller than Sherlock...

Oh my god! where do I pin this? My Sherlock board or my Supernatural board? Make a crossover board and pin it there? Ok double pinning it is :) ----I don't even have a supernatural board just couldn't erase that caption.

I love this show!!! It's really got the perfect balance of humor with the action and of course, the hotness!!    Dean!!!!

It's really got the perfect balance of humor with the action and of course, the hotness! I miss funny inappropriate Dean!

This makes me feel happiness on an unhuman level

Jared's face on his wedding day! I think I just died! ( if my futureman doesn't look at me like that on my wedding day, that's it, wedding's off)


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Pretty sure I now hate whoever drew this. It's gorgeous, but ouch! Ripping my heart out would hurt less.

This book is hotter than Mary Winchester's ceiling fire. (I'm sorry… Random

Supernatural fandom:

Supernatural fandom It's The Walking Dean, everybody's been saying it wrong for a while now