can't go wrong with Hey Jude

The 'Hey Jude' decision tree diagram. I've always been a sucker for these kinds of things..

This could be a very cool thing to have on the wall in my son's room, as his name is Jude...beatles typography: hey juuuuude...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Beatles!

The Beatles "Hey Jude" Lyrics flow chart

Beatles flow chart

Yay a Beatles flow chart!

Beatles in flow chart

theymightbeclippy: BEATLES FLOW CHART omfgitscrystall: How The Beatles will guide you through life :) Perfection!

Beatles Lyrics flowcharts. Amazing!

I enjoy flow charts. About anything. :D♥

Beatles flow chart

Who doesn't love a good flow chart?!

Flow charts just so rock.

The Beatles flow chart for love - it's all you need.

Beatles charts: Hey Jude

For Beatles lovers.

#love #beatles

Beatles = :)

Great Visualizers: Mike Deal charts The Beatles | Information Is Beautiful

Infographic exploring the work schedule of the Beatles