into the fog...

meeting in the middle

This looks like it would be a good bridge to add to my 'I wonder where this path goes' board.


Louisiana Plantation

Black and White

"A foggy day in London Town" (I don't know if it's actually London... but that would be cool!)

Into the Mystic, Shenandoah Valley, Virginia photo via deborah. i love this picture!

Autumn Twist. I want a tree like this. Some guy be like the movie Dr.Seuss' The Lorax and go to the end of the earth to find a tree like this. Haha

Into the mist

The tranquility of the mist by AlexanderArntsen now over 250.000 views on Flickr (Original size - Height: 2048px - Width: 1356px)

The other day some strange bedfellows and I trekked it up country to Strath Falls in Victoria. Once we left the highway and reached the inland mountains a thick, blanket like white fog seeped up from the valleys covering up the roads and most of the view. As we reached the highest point, looking out over the valley all you could see was the tops of the mountains like something out of King Kong when the reach 'Skull Island'. The mist grew thicker and whiter as we travelled, something like a v...

Trees in the fog

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I KNOW God is here. Actually, I know He is everywhere, but being alone in His creation like this always makes me feel like He is right beside me :)

bluepueblo: Afternoon Fog, The Golden Gate, San Francisco photo via losdramas

misty pink forest