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"I would hop the fence out to this government fields Run 'til there was nothing more to feel Lying there watching planes just disappear Knowing one day I'm gonna fly on out of here" Mat Kearney

make plans

One of my favorite things of all time is aerobatics in an open-cockpit biplane, Stearman PT-17, which I did many times. Nothing like it. This photo, which I've repinned from someone else, reminds me of the feel!

an open road.

This is either very impressive timing with this photo or the paper plane is hanging by a string and it's been photoshopped out. ;)


lie on your back + watch the clouds



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GP's tips and tricks for air travel–what a traveling author needs to arrive rested and smart-looking.

Pascal Lamorisse as Pascal - le petit garçon in The Red Balloon (1956) - Written and directed by Albert Lamorisse


The ocean is full of history as much as land. Explore history and travel destinations through sunken ships and wreck dives that will give you goosebumps.