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Justin James Muir's 'Book of Beards'

The beard

Justin James Muir - A Book of Beards / http://www.bookofbeards.com

Artisan Make Up Paris Caimpaign - Ludovic Taillandier (Photographer)

Page from A Book of Beards

I like how Oliver Donzyk contrast the dramatic effect of black and white with the happy expression of the old man. the lighting is drawn more towards his face and create a hard light. this image makes me feel happy!



The eyes!

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Justin Passmore

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World Beard Championship

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. More Beards, Laughing, Facials Hair, Stuff, Style, Men Fashion, Things, Smoke Pipes, Photo Pipe. Beard. Man stuff. Bearding. I laughed. Win. Love me a good beard! The rubbert style is best! beard smoke pipe . awesome . sunglasses facial hair... Why do I have such a thing for beards? enlightenment, impossible to achieve, but great nobility in the attempt. Envious of many a thing in this photo.


Ummm, he looks like what god would look like haha! He is a beautiful man wow

Yosemite Beard