Platinum with Gold


The largest gold nugget ever found was the 'Welcome Stranger'. it weighed 272 lbs and was was discovered in Victoria, Australia in 1869.

Uncut diamonds.

Natural crystal forms of Gold


Cuprosklodowskite from Musinoi Mine, Shaba Province, Zaire

Raw Sapphire |

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Rainbow opal

#1 The Alaska Centennial Nugget - 294.10 Troy Ounces The largest gold nugget ever found in Alaska. It was found near Ruby, Alaska in 1998 by a miner as he operated his bulldozer. The nugget rolled off the pile of dirt ahead of the bulldozer blade. This nugget was sold and the current location is unknown. Photo Copyright 2001 by Marshall Ronne, Jr.

Gold |16to1Mine | California

Native gold, Papua New Guinea


World's largest existing gold nugget by height Rare mineral specimens for sale on


Delicate but aesthetically beautiful crystallized native Gold over Quartz, from South Africa

Gold With Quartz

Vein of gold in rock (lode gold deposit)