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pylore: “ Wearable drawings by Elvira ‘t Hart. “ A lot of details contained within the first sketches are lost during the process of designing and executing clothing. By creating clothing patterns.

Fashion Sketchbook - designing a collection of wearable sketches; fashion design development // Elvira 't Hart

Elvira 't Hart, Fashion Designer & Artist

Designer: Elvira ‘t Hart - a recent fashion graduate who translates 2D sketches to 3D garments

Designer Elvira ‘T Hart presents a collection of Wearable Drawings, created by turning her sketches and illustrations into garments that appear to have been drawn directly on the wearer.

"Elvira ‘t Hart's collection aims to translate 2D sketches to 3D garments...Hart actually makes her sketches the pattern. Using laser cuts, one can see how lines abruptly stop, outlines are inconsistent much like that of hand generated sketches, spaces are empty, and one automatically fills in this space with their imagination."

Elvira ‘t Hart Illustrative Wear

Designer Elvira ‘t Hart - a recent fashion graduate who translates 2D sketches to 3D laser-cut pieces

Designer Elvira ‘t Hart, fashion graduate who translates sketches to laser-cut pieces

“Me encanta dibujar y me fascina la moda. Por no poder separarlas o elegir una de las dos, las combino de esta manera”. – Elvira ‘t Hart Dibujo y moda, dos disciplinas que van de la mano, se nutren la una de la otra y conviven para la creación de nuevos conceptos. Para el ingenio …

Elvira‘t Hart: del boceto al cuerpo

Elvira 't Hart is the fashion designer behind the Dutch brand Elvira. ‘Wearable Drawings’ collection, from sketchy drawings, she used laser cutters to cut fine lines into leather.


concernedad: “obsessivecollectors: “ Claudia Casarino ” wanna rock this with the unif bra and sneaks ”


Nice - Wearable Sketch - laser cut fashion from hand-drawn illustrations // Elvira't Hart

Elvira’t Hart

Elvira’t Hart

Elvira 't Hart "Drawn Clothes and Wearable Drawings"- thread & water soluble stablilizer

avant garde fashion | Tumblr fierce couture for halloween ball or party event , ariadne the spider web ball gown idea i'm going gothic edgy and a little scarey chic this year

Numéro China September 2012 by Trunk Xu - Black - White - Photography - Fashion

Sculptural Fashion with 3D textures & oversized silhouette; wearable art // Hayley Grundmann

For some MA Fashion graduate collections, money really does talk -- for Hayley Grundmann, this meant adapting a poundland-couture philosophy.