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    Princess Victoria 'Vicky', Eldest Daughter of Queen Victoria. She became Empress of Germany and Queen of Prussia when she was 48, but her husband died 99 days after becoming Emperor. Her son, Kaiser Wilhelm, succeeded as Emperor.

    8th child of Princess Victoria Adelaide (Mary Louise "Vicky") (1840-1901) & German Emperor & King of Prussia Frederick III (Friedrich Wilhelm Nikolaus Karl) (1831–1888) & Wife of Prince Frederick Charles of Hesse (Frederick Charles Louis Constantine “Fischy”) King of Finland (1868-1940). Princess Margaret of Prussia (Margarete Beatrice Feodora “Mossy”) (1872-1954), the granddaughter of Queen Victoria & Prince Albert.

    Kaiser Wilhelm II

    Princess Victoria, mother of Kaiser Wilhelm, was the eldest daughter of Queen Victoria

    Her Imperial Royal Highness The Crown Princess of Germany, Crown Princess of Prussia (1886-1954) née Her Highness Duchess Cecilie of Mecklenburg-Schwerin

    Victoria, the Princess Royal, future mother of Kaiser Wilhelm II, with her younger sister, Princess Alice, future mother of Alexandra, last Czarina of Russia.

    The last official portrait of Kaiser Wilhelm II taken at his place of exile in Doorn, in the Netherlands, in 1938.

    HIRM Empress Friedrich of Germany (1840-1901) née Her Royal Highness Victoria, Princess Royal of Great Britain

    Queen Victoria's eldest daughter, Victoria (1840-1901), widow of Emperor Frederick III of Germany. After her husband's death in 1888 Victoria became widely known as Empress Frederick

    Crown Prince and Princess Wilhelm of Germany with their granddaughter, Princess Felicitas. You don't see many photos of this couple together as they grew older.

    Empress Friedrich of Germany and her mother, Queen Victoria, 1897

    Queen Victoria’s daughter Empress Victoria with her oldest two children. Kaiser Wilhelm, Princess Charlotte

    Princess Charlotte of Prussia, daughter of Frederick III of Prussia and Princess Vicky, grand-daughter of Queen Victoria, sister to Kaiser Wilhelm II.

    1st child & only son of Kaiser William I (1797–1888) of the House of Hohenzollern & wife Augusta (1811-1890) of Saxe-Weimar-Eisenach & Husband of Princess Victoria (1840-1901). Frederick III (1831-1888) German Emperor & King of Prussia (1831-1888) by Reichard & Linder 1875. Frederick III & Victoria Children: William, Charlotte, Henry, Victoria Moretta, Sigismund, Waldemar, Sophie, Margaret. Died of throat cancer 1888.

    Emperor Friedrich III of Germany

    File:Friedrich III as Kronprinz - in GdK uniform by Heinrich von Angeli 1874 Emperor of Germany, King of Prussia.jpg - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Princesses Feodore , Augusta Victoria (later Empress of Germany), and Victoria of Schleswig-Holstein

    Prinz Albert Wilhelm Heinrich von Preußen (1862–1929), Kaiser William II's brother, Queen Victoria's grandson.

    HIRM Empress Frederick of Germany (1840-1901) née Her Royal Highness Victoria, Princess Royal of Great Britain. “There was one curious trait in her character: she was never really satisfied with the moment in itself. When she was in Berlin, everything in England was itself. When she was in Berlin, everything in England was perfect: when she was in England, everything German was equally perfect.” ~Her niece, Princess Marie Louise

    Grand Duchesses (that they would all soon be executed -murdered- is hard to believe)