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White Bengal Tiger   Even the "stripeless" white tigers have very pale stripes.

I adore white tigers. I saw them many years ago at Busch Gardens and fell in love with them. ♥ White Bengal Tiger Even the "stripeless" white tigers have very pale stripes.


I love white tigers. [link] Have a look to my other wild cats photographs: [link] Hided white tiger is keeping an eye on me

Grote katten

A female white albino tiger, Tigrylia is seen with her newborn cub at the Skazka Zoo in Yalta, Ukraine. Tiger gave birth to four cubs, including a rare albino tiger on May (AP Photo/Skazka Zoo)

Such a beautiful animal!

Such a beautiful animal!

White Tiger 26

25 Best White Tiger Photographic

White Tiger 26


White Tiger is a 1500 piece jigsaw puzzle from Educa. Puzzle measures x when complete.

Бели тигри

Бели тигри

always wanted a tiger. hahaha

Bengal Tigers - This picture sends a message saying that racism shouldn't be a thing, and that being equal is a thing.


A rare white Indian tiger cub sits with its mother Surya Bara at a zoo in the city of Liberec, Czech Republic, Monday, Sept. These are almost completely extinct in the wild now due to poachers. Please read up and raise awareness.


Three white tiger cubs are seen on January 2013 at the Serengeti wildlife park in Hodenhagen, central Germany. Four white tiger cubs were born at the park in October four white lion cubs were born in November also at the park.

Tigres <3

The Different Colors of Beautiful Tigers.


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