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Closeup on the tilework on tomb at the Shah-I-Zinde Mausoleum - Samarkand - Uzbeckistan

Samarkand an ancient city in the southern Uzbekistan which was a key trading post along the Great Silk Road, is over 2,500 years old. It was also the political centre of the Temurids dynasty, who built the remarkable monuments - mosques, madrassahs (Islamic schools - most actually were universities) and mausolea. Some of them are architectural masterpieces,

The Bold Look of

Historical look at Mediterranean tile. The colors are so vivid. Lots of modern design is being driven by the shapes and feel of the historical tiles...

Shahr-i-Zindah (Samarkand - Uzbekistan) | Shahr-i-Zindah contains some of the most elaborate tilework in the Muslim world.