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#Wearable Tech W/Air: Breathing filter necklace Filters CO2 from the air, converting it to electricity for future use. Designed by Pedro Nakazato and Martina Pagura.

from Recode

Are 'Smart' Clothes the Wearables of the Future?

OmSignal shirts capture and wirelessly send your breathing and heart rate data, using this little black box on the side of the shirt.

Breathe in pure oxygen with this face mask. The ‘green skin’ is an anti-bacterial face mask made of the pulp of fungal spores and seeds. You can wear the mask on your nose and mouth. It filters out harmful bacteria present in the air. The seeds absorb carbon dioxide and moisture that you breathe out. This further helps the seeds to germinate and grow. An average person is estimated to exhale 456 liters of CO2. Thus, using Green Screen can cut down the emission of this greenhouse gas to a…


The Synapse Dress: High Tech Couture That Reveals Emotions


3D printed cast could heal bones 40 per cent faster

from Dysfunctional Doll

Red Tubes Syringe Spike Bio Hazard Gas Mask Dual Respirator

Red Bio Hazard Dual Respirator Gas Mask w/ 2 UV Tubes and Syringes attached. This is a very well thought out Design, made with the highest quality and care. Yellow Bio Hazard Sign on Front. Disc desig