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Black Venus: The Saartjie Baartman Story - Full Film Posted by For Harriet | Labels: films, history, Saartjie Baartman

An oral history and curriculum project that will help educators to integrate LGBT history, people and issues into their instructional programs. Several lesson plans are included for middle and high school students that explore broad themes—such as silence and invisibility, inclusion and exclusion, and name-calling—as well as specific topics related to the interviews, such as marriage equality and gender identity…

In an engaging series of essays featuring a range of writing styles, leading scholars, educators, artists, and community activists explore themes of history, culture, gender, class, family, and sexual orientation, weaving their own stories into depictions of a Hmong American community where people continue to develop complex identities that are collectively shared but deeply personal as they help to redefine the multicultural America of today.

Marble bust of the emperor Hadrian, Italy, AD 117-118, and Antinous, Italy, AD 130-140 / Same-sex desire and gender identity at The British Museum - listen here

The Men Feminists Left Behind

There are more ways to be a woman than ever before, but men haven’t gained nearly as much flexibility. This Op-Ed explores. (Illustration: Javier Jaén)

Sriracha2Go Is the Most Adorable Unlicensed Sriracha Experience Around

Sriracha2Go users have to fill their pocket-sized sriracha bottles with their own sauce, but that's a mere inconvenience to those who love the stuff and literally never stop talking about how they need it with them at all times. UMMMMMM I NEED THIS!!!

Carrie Mae Weems (4/1953 - Portland, Oregon) Carrie Mae Weems (born 1953) is an award-winning photographer and artist. Her photographs, films, and videos have been displayed in over 50 exhibitions in the United States and abroad and focus on serious issues that face African Americans today, such as racism, gender relations, politics, and personal identity. She has said, "Let me say that my primary concern in art, as in politics, is with the status and place of Afro-Americans in our country."

Curious to learn what it is Unitarian Universalists believe in? Read through our 7 Principles and 6 Sources.