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What a beautiful soldier! BUT if you listen to the American pigs who think women are "too weak" or "too stupid" to be equal to their male counterparts, you might not even know we live in a "civilized" country.

Savage Questions The Chinook Crash, Which Took Out The Unit That Allegedly "Took Out" Bin Laden

2009 Rec'd Planned Parenthood’s highest honor, the Margaret Sanger Award. "When Clinton was questioned by legislators as to why she had accepted an award named after a confirmed eugenicist given her position in government, Clinton defended Sanger.....she posited, Sanger was a great woman who just had the little flaw of supporting forced sterilization and eugenics."

Not happy with Congress? Call them toll-free 855-435-7942 ----- all it takes is for good men & women to do NOTHING -----

Never let anyone bully you into destroying your greatest gift, a child, life given from God Himself to begin in your body. A great and wonder mystery of life.

A photo of a young woman writing to her sailor.

This week, released its annual Mother's Day Index valuing moms' work as if it were a salary, at $59,862, down from $60,182 in 2012 and $61,436 in 2011. If being a mom was a job with a $60,000 salary, heres what the help-wanted ad would look like...

Obama Approves Substantial Expansion of Terrorist Watch Lists: “Concrete Facts Are Not Necessary” - Amid an outcry from Americans criticizing the Obama Admin over the possibility that terrorists may be among the tens of thousands of illegal immigrants entering the U.S. without documentation, the DHS has instead turned its scrutiny on American citizens. The Obama admin has quietly approved a substantial expansion of the terrorist watch list system, [...] 07/25

Obama Photo Forgery - "All suspected alterations to the photo seem to point to the cutting, pasting, & airbrushing of Obama’s mother, Ann Dunham, into the photo to cover up someone of African-American origin." - An Expert Photoshop Analyst reports that the photo officially released by Barack Obama on his personal Facebook page, is a forgery. Is this photo part of a pattern of document forgery by President Obama to hide his biological & ideological relationship to Communist Frank Marshall Davis?

Susan B Anthony pummeled in the street and arrested for attempting to vote in 1872. She was fined 100 dollars for registering to vote.

1940´s. Women Pilots in WW2