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    Cheesecloth Ghosts Outdoor Halloween Deco: James "Figgy" Noonan makes spook-tacular ghost decorations out of cheesecloth. Hang these easy-to-make cheesecloth ghosts from tree branches and porch railings to create a haunting Halloween scene. Tools and Materials: Two white wire hangers, Scissors, One pair of white pantyhose, Polyester stuffing, Pliers, 16-gauge wire, Wire cutter, Gauze fabric, muslin, cotton sheets, or any lightweight fabric, Safety pins, 2 yards cheesecloth, Brewed cold coffee in a spray bottle (optional) Cheesecloth Ghosts How-To: 1. Straighten two wire hangers into two long loops, leaving hooks intact. Twist the hooks together to form a base for the neck, then twist and form loops into arms. 2. Cut the legs from a pair of white pantyhose. Stuff each leg with polyester stuffing and slide one leg onto each wire arm. Tie legs together around wire neck. 3. Stuff waist of pantyhose to create head, and place on wire neck. Tie excess material around wires to secure. Using pliers, bend tips of wire and attach 16-gauge wire to create hook. 4. Cut a 3-yard piece of gauze or lightweight fabric lengthwise down the middle. Snip into the short edges of the fabric at an angle every 2 inches. Drape the pieces over each arm, pinning at neck to secure. 5. Cut a 2-yard piece of cheesecloth down the middle. Poke wire hook through center of both pieces of fabric, draping over head and arms. 6. Spray entire ghost or just the bottom few inches with coffee, if desired, before hanging.


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