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    times have changed...

    I watched these TV shows as a child

    early color tv

    Vintage TV

    So true! We only had 3 channels. THREE! AND the TV was black & white and had a 19" inch screen!

    Retro TV

    Metal TV Trays...

    Old TV Shows

    *Yes, this is a TV :)

    When COLOR TV's were furniture...

    TV on the go

    TV shows of the past

    1950's TV. Our first tv was very similar to this one. We've come a long way.

    TV - when we had it.

    rabbit ears for the TV.

    VHS.. who would have thought?? We thought it was wonderful at the time....hehe

    Bozo The Clown filmed in Chicago. I was on the show in 1959

    when this is how TV's looked

    1954 RED TV.-this is a great looking TV

    Time to go to bed. TV is off for the night.

    Motorola TV suitcase