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3. Conquer. Emotions hold power over your being. Many people fall to their power, not knowing how to take over, or simply just giving up. When you conquer your emotions, nothing can stop you, nothing will stand in your way. When the music starts playing, the words tell you story, and you know who you are and why you feel the way you do. You know what you have to do.

Take a hula hoop. Suspend perpendicular to yr display window ceiling. Center a mannequin/dress form under it. Hang airy garlands of fall leaves from the hoop. Autumn window, from August til Halloween! (I do suggest you wear more than this, though, while working in your window...) 48 pages of MORE display ideas at

Sandrah & Dioni Star in Guess' Fall 2013 Accessories Ads by Claudia & Ralf Pulmanns

PULMANNS GUESS SHOT 06 A 038 v2 Sandrah Dioni Star in Guess Fall 2013 Accessories Ads by Claudia Ralf Pulmanns

4. Release. Let the music flow through you. Let the lyrics tell the story of your life. Sing your lungs out. Scream until your voice gives out. Play until your body can’t anymore and your fingers start to bleed. Release those demons from your body. They aren’t you. Don’t let them define you.

1. Anger. You feel anger often in your life, whether it’s for the events in your life, or the people around you. People can stab you in the back, and that feeling of anger and betrayal can break you down.

5. Live. You can see the true you that hides in the darkness when you’re alone, a part that others don’t know. Release the demons through music, and live your life, without being held under their control. Music will save your life.

2. Regret. Everyone has regrets. Whether it’s the person you “loved,” the things that you’ve done, the demons you’ve built, people regret. Some say they have no regrets because what they’ve done has made them who you are. But every one regrets something, and what could have been eats away at them.

Anatomical heart. I love this for a tattoo. I love anatomy, and it has always been my favorite part of science ever since I was in elementary school. I don't know what it is about the human body that impresses me so much. <3 But I want this on me. :)