Maybe someday...

Triple forward helix.

Helix Cartilage Bar Earring Ear Piercing 16g Dream Catcher Industrial Feather Turquoise Beaded Dreamcather Cuff Barbell 16 G Gauge Helix piercing (through the cartilage)

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cute. I want!!!

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It's so simple but so cute

Forward Helix Piercing

Ugh want my ears pierced like that where blue ones are! !!

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Oliskohan tämä sittenkin hieno?! Mulla on yksi lävistys tuossa nipukassa, mikä on noiden kolmen alla, sopiskohan sen seuraksi tuollaiset kolme? :) triple forward helix & dermal punch. next piercings for sure

all the different ear piercing locations and names

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Another Pinner Said: I am going to get this. No doubt. I finally found something I cant live without

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