No problem.

Who doesn't?!?!

true that

hey girl.... i love it when you wear your yoga pants all day

mormon hey girl :)


Country girl (luke bryan,luke,bryan)

Nathan Adrian is a olympic gold medalist, just graduated from Cal with honors, and he wants to be a doctor. MARRY ME. *swoons*

A Brief History of Amanda Bynes (GIF)... Why Amanda, Why

Luke Bryan

schmidt happens

Um... Yes.

hahaha he is awesome


Haha, only for Luke Bryan ♥

When he kisses you unexpectantly. Luke Bryan and Blake Shelton saw that on Ellen laughed soooo hard!!!!

Magic Mike...seriously, does it matter what this movie's about? haha Cant wait to see it w/ my co-workers!

yes please!


Harvard Baseball 2012 Call Me Maybe Cover