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Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction. This show is awesome. Basically you are presented with five weird scenarios and have to guess which are true stories and which are made up. Some of the real ones are CREEPY!

And here's a gif of David Tennant eating popcorn like a boss. You're welcome.

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21 Times Tumblr Got Too Real About Kylo Ren

And this beautiful imagining of if young Benjamin had some damn respect for Padmé Amidala. | 21 Tumblr Posts That Perfectly Capture Kylo Ren


Captain Picard Plays Bowling

Captain Picard Bowls--I'm just on a roll here

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70+ Epic Collections of Colorful Lego 2012

When Han Met Chewie

Brent Spiner, Scott Bakula, and Michael Dorn in Patrick Stewart's flat. Stewart tweets: "My birthday catering company sucks. Do NOT hire these guys... THE WORST." I bet Klingons make a mean bouillabaisse!


I don’t think so, Parker…

Oh, Spidey, it's so cute that you think you matter.

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Caro Skinner on

Doctor Who in a DeLorean! DeLoreans are cool!