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Greek Goddess of Victory, Nike

Greek Goddess of Victory, Nike by Mahealani Palepale. Wing Victory of Samothrace, also identified as the Goddess of Victory, Nike, was discovered by Charles Champoiseau in 1863 on a small island of Samothrace. This immaculate sculpture stands at 3.28m (11 feet) and is erected of Parian marble for the figurine and Gray Lartos marble for the base in which she stands on the bow of a vessel.

Goddess sculptures 2200-1600 BCE. e middle three images of the top row show three versions of the Late-Minoan figure usually called theSnake Goddess. There are some doubts, however, whether or not these may rather be depictions of the High-Priestess at the palace of Knossos. Even if this is correct, the priestess was seen as a representative of the deity, so the image is a sacred one in any case.

Athena Goddess of Wisdom and patron of architects and sculptors. She was born fully formed from Zeus" forehead. She was a warrior goddess, and is often depicted with a spear and shield.

Venus Figurines of the European Paleolithic period. The site provides a description and location for each figure.